December 2019 Site Update

As a heads up, we are going to be doing some maintenance to the VBAM Games website sometime during the month of December (hopefully the week of Christmas) during which time the site is likely to be down as I work to update the site software to make it compatible with new versions of PHP. … Read more

State of VBAM – May 31, 2019

It has been a very long time since any news has been posted here. That is mostly because most of us have been terminally busy with real life. VBAM Games is very much a hobby interest which has relied on the key contributors having the time, creativity, and interest to develop new products, and that … Read more

Second Edition is Now Available!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VBAM Games, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited SECOND EDITION of the Victory by Any Campaign Guide. This revised version of the original Victory by Any Means 4x strategic sci-fi campaign system integrates over ten years of rules updates alongside new, never before seen content. “This book is … Read more

Second Edition Release Date

VICTORY BY ANY MEANS REBORN Release Date Set for Victory by Any Mean Second Edition For over ten years, VBAM Games has been delivering deep, strategic gaming experiences to the tabletop community. Now, after years of development, VBAM Games is proud to carry on the tradition by announcing the imminent release of the long-awaited Second … Read more

MAS: WWII Plane Pack 1 Releases & Jovian Chronicles End of License Sale

We’re happy to report the release of Mercenary Air Squadron World War II: Plane Pack 1! This plane back for Mercenary Air Squadron World War II: Mediterranean Theater of Operations adds eleven new planes to the mix: Netherlands Fokker D.XXI Netherlands G.1A Poland P.11C Poland P.23B Karas Poland P.37B Los Commonwealth A-20 Wirraway Commonwealth Halifax … Read more

VBAM @ Origins 2010

VBAM Games is going to Origins! While we won’t have an official presence at the Origins Game Fair 2010, we will be roaming the convention Thursday through Sunday. The entire VBAM crew will be in attendance at the con, which will be the first time that everyone has been together in one spot before. This … Read more

VBAM Store Problems

Just as a FYI, our web host switched over to PHP 5 on Monday — a change which broke the VBAM Online Store. I thought I had it fixed, but then I got an email from a customer letting me know that the store was in fact still having some problems. I think the technical … Read more

Starmada AE to VBAM 1E Guide

Paul Robinson (OldnGrey), the creator of the excellent Starmada/VBAM Shipyard spreadsheet, has created a conversion guide that updates the rules for the Starmada Edition campaign book to work with the newest version of the Starmada game rules (Starmada Admiralty Edition, or Starmada AE for short).

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