Starmada AE to VBAM 1E Guide

Paul Robinson (OldnGrey), the creator of the excellent Starmada/VBAM Shipyard spreadsheet, has created a conversion guide that updates the rules for the Starmada Edition campaign book to work with the newest version of the Starmada game rules (Starmada Admiralty Edition, or Starmada AE for short).

You can download a zip file containing this guide by clicking on the link below:

Starmada AE to VBAM 1E Guide

Many thanks to Paul for his hard work, and we really do appreciate his time and effort!

1 thought on “Starmada AE to VBAM 1E Guide”

  1. Credit where it is due, K David Ladage created the original three sheet shipyard for Starmada X in 2005.
    I like to think of myself as the custodian, having taken over in February 2006. The re-write for Starmada AE, additions, errors and fluffs in the last four years i admit to.


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