VBAM Games Update, December 2015


Hello everyone,

The holidays quickly approach us and it seemed like a good idea to touch base again.

Tyrel is putting the final touches on With a Purpose and has passed along the near finished copy to the playtesters. As many of you will recall, it is the first expansion book for second edition and is the long awaited mission and objective system for VBAM. It opens up a world of custom scenarios and objectives I believe will benefit the system greatly.

I sent out the physical playtest packs for War Fleet just this week to the playtesters who passed their address. This is the fleet level starship block game we have been working on for awhile. Initially the design packs will focus on the Boltian and Kuissians conflicts but I plan to fully support the many settings out there. We will also be including a system for creating your own blocks and stickers. Since it was designed with campaigns in mind, it serves a duel purpose of a stand alone game and resolving campaign battles. The second edition campaign abilities, like Stealth or Scout, get used appropriately in fleet level combat just like they do in the CSCR. I should have some pictures in the blog in the near future but I think you will be pleased with the final result.

Full Thrust Edition is coming along nicely. That will likely be the next public playtest. If you are interested in jumping in a play by email campaign or helping out please just send us an email.

All the best,

Jay Waschak