Victory by Any Means

vbam-campaign-logo-2Victory by Any Means is a generic sci-fi campaign system that can interface with existing tactical war game rules or else operate as a stand-alone campaign environment. Unlike some campaign systems, Victory by Any Means is easy to run — both for players and game masters alike. The time savings is even more important considering the breadth of the rules: research, intelligence networks, space and ground combat, colony insurrections — rules for all of these (and more) are included in the VBAM campaign rules.

This modular rules system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your favorite game universe. The main book includes several existing player species to get you started and rules and ideas to create your own source material. Several pre-generated scenario source materials are available to expand your gaming universe.

Second Edition Core Rules

VBAM-Campaign-Guide-2e-Front-CoverVictory by Any Means: With a Purpose

First Edition Core Rules

Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide (1E)Campaign Moderator's CompanionThe Menagerie (1E)Fire As She Bears Edition

Scenarios & Settings

Stars Divided: Terran Civil WarThe Wars of the Boltians and KuissiansEmpire RisingVictory by Any Means: Jovian Chroniclescaribbean-campaign-cover

Game Resources

Web Supplements

Campaign Guide AppendicesJune 15, 2006
This multi-page PDF contains all of the materials from the Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide appendices, including maps, scenarios, source materials, forms, etc.

Campaign Maps

Nearby Stars MapAugust 16, 2004
This map contains the majority of stars within 20 light years (ly) of Sol. Jump lanes were determined by comparing relative distances between stars. Makes for a good, ready-made campaign map.

Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians MapsJanuary 6, 2005
Updated version of the maps from the Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians source book. These maps are modified to make it much clearer who controls what territory on the map, which is of especial importance when the maps are printed in black and white.

Rules & Errata

Supply Rules UpdateSeptember 15, 2004
An update to the VBAM supply rules that included clarification on several topics, and also includes complete rules for cargo carrying capacity to aid CMs in determining just how much cargo a supply ship should be able to carry.

CSCR Unit Special AbilitiesSeptember 15, 2004
A work-in-progress list of different special abilities that can be applied to units under the CSCR combat system. This list should give CMs ideas for what can be used in their own campaigns, and possible cost guidelines.

Campaign Guide ErrataMarch 3, 2005
This zip file contains two PDF files. The first is a list of the major changes made to the rules and organization of the VBAM Campaign Guide between its original version and the new, revised version of the rules. The second PDF in the zip contains page rips from the newly revised guide. These extracted pages contain all of the new or substantially changed material in the guide. For those of you with a printed version of the guide, printing out select pages of interest in this attachment will give you ready access to the new material.

Original Version Table of ContentsMarch 3, 2005
This is a Table of Contents for the original (non-revised) version of the VBAM Campaign Guide.


Complete Boltian & Kuissian Counter SetDecember 9, 2015
A set of counters depicting ships from the Boltian/Kuissian Universe. Counters and art by Paul Robinson.


Operation: PrometheusSeptember 15, 2004
A fiction piece, written by Charles Lewis, set in the Boltian/Kuissian Universe.

Computer Software

Star System GeneratorAugust 18, 2004
The VBAM Star System Generator, designed by Steve Brindle, is a fast and easy way to quickly generate VBAM star system statistics. The Star System Generator can generate up to 200 systems at a time. Once generated, the system stats can be viewed within the program or else exported into a text or HTML format for use outside of the program. The Generator also includes playtest versions of the Mid- and High-Detail Star System Generation results. Rules for these systems will be featured in the Campain Moderator’s Companion.