State of VBAM – May 31, 2019

It has been a very long time since any news has been posted here. That is mostly because most of us have been terminally busy with real life. VBAM Games is very much a hobby interest which has relied on the key contributors having the time, creativity, and interest to develop new products, and that has been in short supply for a myriad of reasons. Work and family commitments, moves, and any number of other reasons come to mind.

Geoff and I have mainly been the ones keeping the lights on, and we’ve been continuing to work on new VBAM rules building off of the Galaxies/Rebirth project. We have gone through numerous rule iterations and playtests, and are getting closer to nailing down some new playtest rules for those players that are still interested in Victory by Any Means.

In an attempt to be more responsive and better coordinate future development, I have started a Patreon ( where I’ve been posting developer diaries and notes as I work on the rules. That way everything can be in one place and easy to find versus being posted on the forums where it is easier for them to get lost. All public playtest information will be free, but I am trying to provide some value to those that want to help support the project. Patron support is primarily going towards additional artwork for the books right now.

I will update everyone once the public playtest pack is available, but until then I recommend that everyone bookmark the Patreon and check in periodically to see what is being posted. I am trying to post about 4 items a week for review or discussion in order to maintain momentum on this project.

Thank you for all of your support over the years and continued interest in this old beast.