The VBAM Games development team is looking for dedicated playtesters or playtest groups to provide thorough playtesting of upcoming VBAM products.

What is Playtesting?

Playtesting is taking a new set of rules, or a new addition to an existing rule set, and testing them for viability. Is the game fun? What problems do you see with how the game works? It is the job of a good playtester to find breaking points in the rules and provide constructive criticism so as to make the final product shine.

Playtesters should be dedicated to the cause. Some of our best playtesters are those that sat down, reviewed the rules, played a few games, and provided us insights into what they saw being wrong or right with the game system. Playtesters are not glorified editors! If your group is going to playest our products, we expect you to provide more input than reading the book and noting a few grammar or spelling errors. The editing services are appreciated, but they’re not what you are signing up to do.

Remember, playtesting is a serious endeavor. We rely on you, our playtesters, to help us make sure we haven’t overlooked any flaws in our products. A uniquely different and detached point of view is invaluable!

Playtest Requirements

Each member of the playtest group will send us an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is to ensure the protection of our work. (Download NDA)

Each member of the group will be added to our private development mailing list. This is the discussion area where players can post their questions, comments and other thoughts on the game.

The playtest group will be required to provide a substantial monthly playtest report or reports. In most cases, your group will be assigned a pre-arranged date for which to report your thoughts and comments on the game with regards to your group.

For consideration, send an email to with the following:

  • A list of the group members
  • Previous gaming experience
  • Previous playtest experience

Submitting Your NDA(s)

After receiving confirmation of your playtesting from the VBAM developers, you will need to send in your signed NDA(s). Be sure to make a photocopy or other backup copy of your NDA for your own records. NDAs can be accepted in the following manners:

Scanned Copies via E-Mail:

Postal Mail:
VBAM Games
P.O. Box 329
Lusk, WY 82225

Upon Request

No playtest materials can be sent to your group until all NDAs are received. If your playtest group’s membership changes, new members must send in their own, signed NDAs before they can take part in playtesting.

Failure to submit timely playtest reports or lack of regular communication will be grounds for ejection from playtesting. We generally are easy going, but we do expect some results from our playtesters. We understand that real life can interfere with plans, and in such cases just let us known how things are going and keep us appraised of your playtesting schedule and feedback from you games.