Musings on War Fleet

There are a lot of good starships games out there in all kinds of scales. The more I talked to players and we worked out the right system to resolve big battles it became clear that a true fleet system, one where the players took on the decisions of a fleet admiral, were noticeably vacant. … Read more

VBAM Games Update, December 2015

Hello everyone, The holidays quickly approach us and it seemed like a good idea to touch base again. Tyrel is putting the final touches on With a Purpose and has passed along the near finished copy to the playtesters. As many of you will recall, it is the first expansion book for second edition and … Read more

Playtesting Information for VBAM Games

The VBAM Games development team is looking for dedicated playtesters or playtest groups to provide thorough playtesting of upcoming VBAM products. What is playtesting? Playtesting is taking a new set of rules, or a new addition to an existing rule set, and testing them for viability. Is the game fun? What problems do you see … Read more