Second Edition is Now Available!



VBAM Games, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited SECOND EDITION of the Victory by Any Campaign Guide. This revised version of the original Victory by Any Means 4x strategic sci-fi campaign system integrates over ten years of rules updates alongside new, never before seen content.

“This book is the culmination of over six years of constant development,” said Tyrel Lohr, lead developer on the Second Edition rules at VBAM Games. “We’ve had a lot of aborted attempts to launch this book, and it’s taken some real soul searching to push the rules in a direction that builds upon the strengths of First Edition without getting mired in additional complexity. It’s been a difficult road to travel, and anyone would tell it has been a long one, but we’re finally there.”

While the core game mechanics in Second Edition will be familiar to veteran Victory by Any Means players, the rules have been rewritten from the ground up to make themĀ  more accessible and easier to use. There are more rules references than before that make it easier for players to find rules that they may need to look up during play, and additional examples have been added to help new players get a better idea of how to run and play the game.

The Campaign Guide includes all of the rules that you need to run and play a strategic campaign in a sci-fi setting.

The Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide is available now and costs $15 USD for a digital download. A print version will be made available at a later date. You can purchase the book direct from VBAM Games or from any of the following online stores: DriveThruRPG, Wargame Vault. Within the next week the book will also be available on e23 and Wargame Downloads.