MAS: WWII Plane Pack 1 Releases & Jovian Chronicles End of License Sale

Mercenary Air Squadron World War II: Plane Pack 1We’re happy to report the release of Mercenary Air Squadron World War II: Plane Pack 1! This plane back for Mercenary Air Squadron World War II: Mediterranean Theater of Operations adds eleven new planes to the mix:

  • Netherlands Fokker D.XXI
  • Netherlands G.1A
  • Poland P.11C
  • Poland P.23B Karas
  • Poland P.37B Los
  • Commonwealth A-20 Wirraway
  • Commonwealth Halifax Mk.I
  • Commonwealth A-46 Boomerang
  • Germany Me.323 Gigant
  • Germany Hs.129B
  • Germany Me-410A

The cost to pick up WW II: Plane Pack 1 is $3.95 and it’s available (or soon will be) at all of the online stores where you can find VBAM Games products.

In other news, our license with Dream Pod 9 is coming to an end so we are slashing prices on VBAM: Jovian Chronicles, reducing the cost of the PDF version of the book to $6.95 and the Print version to $13.95 as long as supplies last. This sale runs through October 15, after which point the book will no longer be available in either format. If you’ve ever thought about picking up this supplement, now’s the time to do it!