Flying Stands, Bases, and Discounted Miniatures at the VBAM Store

Just a quick message posted from the middle of a system wipe and reinstall (oh joy!) to let customers know that we now have 25 mm hex bases and both low and high height flying stands available for purchase at the VBAM Store. They are available in quantities of 10 for $1.50 USD or 50 for $6.00 USD. These are the same style of bases and stands that come with our miniatures.

While I was adding the stands to our online catalog, I also went through and discounted several of our miniatures, especially those in the Boltian/Kuissian line. Take a look and see if any of them have hit a price point that you like and get some ordered! Do it now! Not so subtle, pushy marketing has to work, right?

Another addition to the catalog is a discounted PDF 1E campaign rules package that includes the Campaign Guide, Campaign Moderator’s Companion, and The Menagerie as a single download at half the normal price. This product was added in order to give late-comers to the game a chance to pick up the rules and join in on the 2E debate and discussion prior to its release early next year.

As for the promised VBAM 2E Colonies update — that will be posted later tonight. As alluded to earlier in this update, “bit rot” finally overwhelmed my development system these last few weeks and I had to break down and finally sit down and do a Windows reinstall. Luckily, I had ordered some replacement parts almost two months ago in anticipation of having to do this, so I now have a new 1TB hard drive and DVD-RW drive in the system. I am currently porting all of my content from one drive to the other, and so far everything seems to be working (knock on wood). The fact that I was reinstalling Windows, drivers, and software kept me away from mail and internet last night, but as evidenced by this update things are back up and working again.

The Colonies update will be joined by the Economics and Empire sections — a Christmas bonus for our VBAM players! We really do appreciate your time and energy, and the fact that you have found some enjoyment in the campaign system. Here’s to a very Merry Happy — and look for those updates tonight!