VBAM Store Problems

Just as a FYI, our web host switched over to PHP 5 on Monday — a change which broke the VBAM Online Store. I thought I had it fixed, but then I got an email from a customer letting me know that the store was in fact still having some problems. I think the technical glitch has now been addressed, but if anyone runs into problems ordering through the store please let me know and we will get something figured out.

Once VBAM 2E is finished and awaiting formal release, I plan on switching the VBAM Store over to ZenCart (versus osCommerce, which we are currently running). This should allow us to do a bit more with the store than we could with a basic osCommerce install, including putting free products up for download through the store. We tried doing that before but it kept trying to charge shipping for free digital downloads (which very obviously was a problem).