VBAM Games Prepares to Release Campaign Source Book for Dream Pod 9’s LIGHTNING STRIKE Tactical System


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VBAM Games Prepares to Release Campaign Source Book for Dream Pod 9’s LIGHTNING STRIKE Tactical System

Lusk, WY, USA, October 25, 2006 – It is the 23rd Century, and the Solar System is on the brink of war. Jovian Confederation carrier groups and their elite exo-armor pilots prepare for the impending clash with CEGA, while the Venusians manipulate events from the shadows. Who will triumph? Now you can decide!

Victory by Any Means Games, Inc. and Dream Pod 9, Inc. have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive campaign supplement for DP9’s popular Lightning Strike Second Edition tactical starship combat system, entitled Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles. Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles brings the pulse-pounding action of Dream Pod 9’s Jovian Chronicles saga together with the strategic sweep of the Victory by Any Means Campaign System.

This campaign supplement fully-integrates the Lightning Strike Second Edition tactical combat rules with the VBAM Campaign System, as detailed in the Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide. With the release of this source book, Jovian Chronicles fans can wage an epic war across the solar system in a game of both strategic and tactical skill. Strategic play is handled using the VBAM Campaign System, while tactical combat is resolved using Lightning Strike.

Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles, written by Charles Lewis, provides a comprehensive conversion of Lightning Strike rules and characteristics into the VBAM rule system. Special rules are included for simulating Drones, MagSails, SolarSails, Lightning Strikes and more in the VBAM Campaign Space Combat Resolution (CSCR) System, a strategic combat engine designed to allow for the timely resolution of combat situations. The CSCR allows players to quickly fight out battles – both large and small – that they don’t have time to complete using Lightning Strike.

VBAM Games is set to release Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles by the end of October 2006. The supplement will be available in various media (PDF or Print) from RPGNow, Wargaming Online, Wargame Downloads, Digital Book Booth and Lulu, as well as directly from VBAM via its VBAM Online Store. The print version of the book will not be initially available, but should be available within two weeks once the first copies return from the printer.

The cost of this supplement is $26.95 for the print version of the book, or $13.50 for the PDF version. If purchased directly from VBAM Games, customers can buy both the print and PDF versions for the $26.95 price.

This product is not a standalone supplement, and will require ownership of the Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide (VBM-101) to fully use. Ownership of the Lightning Strike 2nd Edition Rules (DP9-322), Lightning Strike Companion (DP9-324) and Campaign Moderator’s Companion (VBM-105) are also recommended, as they will allow players to fight out battles on the table using Lightning Strike; and provide players with additional optional campaign rules for use in their Jovian Chronicles campaigns.

For additional information on Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicle, please visit the VBAM Games website at www.vbamgames.com.

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