VBAM Games Report, October 7, 2006

This last month has been a very busy one for VBAM Games. The new VBAM Games Online Store launched (http://shop.vbamgames.com) and we began selling products in our new line of VBAM Miniatures. We currently have 10 metal starship gaming miniatures available for sale, representing starships from the Escalation Wars universe. Sales for these “Wave 1” miniatures have been good, and we are looking forward to increasing sales as we get closer to the December holiday season.

The second “wave” of VBAM Miniatures are due to be released late this month and include a total of nearly 30 additional ships. This wave focuses on ships from the navies of the Chouka Theocracy and Sshel’ath Alliance, but will also include the first set of Boltian, Kuissian, and Terran miniatures.

Getting the VBAM Miniatures line started has diverted much of our efforts this last month. To that end, players waiting for the VBAM: Jovian Chronicles book have obviously noticed that the book missed its September 2006 release date. The book is almost completely finished, however, and will be handed off to Dream Pod 9 early this week for final review and approval. Once we have those approvals, we will be able to start selling the product. It will take about 2-3 weeks after the PDF is available before a print copy via Lulu will be available.

Another project that has been lost in developmental limbo is the first volume of the Star Charts series. Once the Jovian Chronicles supplement is released, I plan on making a major push to get this book completed and ready for a late-November / early-December release. I am sorry for the delays on this book; other development has simply pushed it back further and further on the schedule.

We have several other projects in development to look forward to next year. In addition to more miniatures, we have two or three additional VBAM game supplements in development along with several boardgames. 2007 is going to be a very busy year for VBAM!