VBAM Games in 2009

It has been quite awhile since the last post to this blog — too long, in fact! I just wanted to add a quick entry to let people know that VBAM Games, Inc. is still alive and hard at work on a number of upcoming products. FEDERATION ADMIRALTY, a campaign product for use with Amarillo Design Bureau’s FEDERATION COMMANDER tactical system, is currently undergoing edits prior to being handed off for publication. A number of other projects are also coming to fruition.

Admittedly, VBAM Games’ release schedule has been fairly anemic that last few years, but we hope to turn that around in 2009. We are planning on making a major announcement in the latter-half of February 2009 that will include our plans for the remainder of the year. We can’t say much right now, but I can say that the announcement should give a clear indication of where our company will be headed and what our focus will be on for the next year of (hopefully) very active development.