VBAM Campaign Guide

VBAM Campaign GuideWhat is a campaign? Simply put, it’s a chance to play an entire race (not just a ship or fleet) and conduct an entire war one step at a time. You’ll colonize planets, manage resources, build ships, capture territory, and negotiate with your neighbors. The ultimate aim of a campaign can be as straightforward as galactic dominance. Although this can be achieved in other ways such as accomplishment of a set of predefined victory conditions. 

VBAM has been designed in such a way that you can use any background setting for your campaign. The primary goal of the master book is to provide the basic structure and rules to handle campaign-level issues. The campaign guide is designed to offer the players a variety of choices in complexity and style of play. It can be played by itself as a stand alone game using our quick space and ground combat resolution system with the included source materials or used with more complex tactical combat systems with source materials that you already own.