Victory Track #3

The latest edition of Victory Track is now available. Issue #3 highlights the upcoming expansion to the Mercenary Air Squadron system MAS-WWII:MTO with a campaign diary following the exploits of an Italian MAS through two campaigns. Victory Track #3

New VBAM: Jovian Chronicles Errata posted

Recent discussions have brought some errors in the ship lists to light, and the Errata and Clarifications document has been updated accordingly. You can find it here. Specifically, the Venusian Imperator should have a Basing Capacity of 2, the Huang-ti should not have the Gunship trait and the Tsar should. Further, there was some discussion … Read more


This product, currently in development, will take the action of Mercenary Air Squadron and take it back to days of the Last Crusade – World War Two. “But there weren’t mercenaries squadrons in World War Two,” you say. “Aha!” I respond.   Many pilots were recruited as mercenaries by the various air forces involved in the … Read more

Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles

VBAM: Jovian ChroniclesIt is the 23rd Century, and the Solar System is on the brink of war.

Jovian Confederation carrier groups and their elite exo-armor pilots prepare for the impending clash with CEGA, while the Venusians manipulate events from the shadows. Who will triumph? Now you can decide!

Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles brings the pulse-pounding action of Dream Pod 9’s Jovian Chronicles saga together with the strategic sweep of the Victory by Any Means Campaign System.

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The Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians

Two warring juggernauts, the Boltian Star League and the Kuissian Empire, have finally reached a peace accord after their first wearisome conflict. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Terran Union in a critical system destroyed this delicate peace in an instant, sparking the Second War which would haunt the participants for years to come. These are … Read more

The Escalation Wars: Empire Rising

The Escalation Wars: Empire RisingThirty years before the outbreak of the Escalation Wars, the Circasian Empire was a small, largely insignificant power located on the edge of known space. However, the Circasians were not weak. Decades of brutal anti-raider warfare forced the Circasian Star Forces to learn and adapt to the hostile universe which surrounded them.The lessons learned in the Raider Wars would be put to the test when, after years of thinly veiled hostility over the negotiating table, the actions of the Chouka Theocracy finally forced the Circasian Empire to make a fateful decision. By order of the War Council, a fleet was dispatched to begin a pre-emptive invasion of Chouka space. The Chouka War had begun.

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Stars Divided: Terran Civil War

Stars Divided: Terran Civil WarThe Stars are Divided

Mankind reached the stars, and for hundreds of years has lived confident and supreme in the galaxy. Only one alien race was discovered, and that lone example of intelligence was conquered and enslaved. It was that victory, those acts, which sowed the seeds of mankind’s greatest threat. On the verge of discovering that man was not supreme in the galaxy, humanity turned upon itself.

It was an age of idealism. It was an age of elitism. It was an age when man turned against man, confident in his own superiority. It was an age of ignorance… when man strode too proudly amongst the stars.

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