Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles

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It is the 23rd Century, and the Solar System is on the brink of war.

Jovian Confederation carrier groups and their elite exo-armor pilots prepare for the impending clash with CEGA, while the Venusians manipulate events from the shadows. Who will triumph? Now you can decide!

Victory by Any Means: Jovian Chronicles brings the pulse-pounding action of Dream Pod 9’s Jovian Chronicles saga together with the strategic sweep of the Victory by Any Means Campaign System.

Included in this book is everything you need to play out the epic scope of events in the Solar System of the 23rd Century in the wake of the Odyssey and the Battle of Kurtzenheim with the Victory by Any Means system, including:

  • New orbital installations to replicate orbital colonies and industry
  • New unit special abilities to model Exo-Armors and Exo-Suits
  • Guidelines for resolving scenarios with DP9’s Lightning Strike™
  • New objective system for determining victory
  • Three exciting scenarios – the 2214 Scenario, the Open Scenario, and the Intro Scenario.
  • Complete force lists for all factions of the Jovian Chronicles
  • Background and details for the Jovian Chronicles and all of its factions are included, including descriptions of ships, fighters, exo- armors and exo-suits.
  • Conversion rules for using RPG characters in VBAM and guidelines for how to turn VBAM activities and events into RPG scenarios

This is not a stand-alone product and requires the Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide (VBM-101) to fully use. Ownership of the Lightning Strike 2nd Edition Rules (DP9-322), Lightning Strike Companion (DP9-324) and Campaign Moderator’s Companion (VBM-105) are recommended.

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