3 thoughts on “Victory Tack #4 Posted”

  1. Political Favorite? Too COOL! That is something that gets missed in campaign games IMHO.

    I also like “Ramming Specialist” though I must admit I get this Evel Knieval feeling when I consider its uses – “Yep that’s the 18th ship crunched from under him, he’s broken every bone in his body at least twice…well why do you think they call ’em DESTROYERS anyways?…” 😉

    Are those a triplet of Terran Union “Union” Class Monitors (Boltian-Kussion Wars) in the picture on Page 3? Or do I need to go back to the ship ident files? 🙂

    Great stuff!

  2. Thank you Keith.

    Those are actually two Carthage cruiser flanking an Ibuki battleship. Granted these are not from the most graceful angle but I really like what Ian did with them.

  3. Ramming specialist has a prerequisite which is a level 0 ability. Level 0 abilities are basically faults in the officer. Only someone a little reckless would consider deliberately ramming his ship into another ship.

    I do need to credit the Stars Divided source and Tyrel for ideas. I “stole” them without regret to get what I felt was a more balanced and “common sense” approach to officer developement.

    Common complaints were that everyone chose the same abilities or that some abilities seemed to powerful or weak for what they did. I broke some abilities up, watered some down and upgraded some several levels.

    In addition I decided that if you wanted to give that level 5 officer Anti fighter: Task Force that ability wouldn’t just magically pop into being. If you wanted that you would need AF: ship and AF: squadron. That showed the officer gradually increasing his skills as he progressed up the officer ranks.

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