VBAM Games Report, September 15, 2004

Tyrel here doing a general website update! Jay and Steve are both still extremely busy, but my schedule has finally eased up a bit so I decided to get some of the loose ends tied up here on the website.

Source Book Update
The VBAM campaign source books are taking longer than any of us thought to get completed. We have all been strapped for time, but I wanted to let everyone know that they are getting there.

The Kuissian/Boltian War book has went through a half a dozen additional edits after the completion of the second-half of the war history. After another final edit it will be ready for layout and release.

The Empire Rising book is basically done (you can hear the ‘but’ coming, right?), but I still need to finish re-drawing the map, pairing down some of the material I already have, and getting the ship and planet information finalized. The book is likely to end up including rules for both the Circasian pirate wars and Chouka War campaigns.

VBAM Campaign Moderator’s Companion
I have been working a lot on this lately trying to get the rules written. Steve has completed a bundle of new rules, including the advanced ground combat system, so those are ready to go. Currently I am working on getting the Exploration and NPE rules written to my liking. Playtesters can expect to see those in the coming week. The Exploration rules will be made available on these site as part of a public playtest packet. So clear your schedules and get ready for a playtest campaign! Please?

VBAM: Tactical
Work continues on this product, though at a diminished pace. We just have too many other things that need to get out!

Other Projects
We have been hard at work on several other projects, which hopefully we will have more information on in the coming weeks. It might explain why we have been so busy…