VBAM Games Report, January 6, 2005


Here at VBAM Games, we are busy getting a slate of new products ready to go to the presses. The Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians was released the very last part of November 2004 and is now available via RPGNow. A print version of the book will be available in the next few weeks, for those that have been holding out for a hardcopy version of the book.

Our second source book, The Escalation Wars: Empire Rising, is still in development. The author held off on releasing the book before the holiday rush to do some fine tuning to make sure it will be that much better. Thanks to the hard work of Tom McCarthy, the book is undergoing a good final editing pass to (hopefully) clear up any remaining wrinkles. Expect the book to be available on RPGNow by the end of the month. Weighing in at approximately 180 pages, this book should certainly be worth the wait!

In other development news, work continues on the Campaign Moderator’s Companion. The entire development staff has been working to gather notes for new rules to include in this book.

Another new campaign book is also tentatively on the schedule. Call The Menagerie. this book will provide rules for race creation and government types, but will also include a slew of unique, original alien species, units, and maps to help jump start your VBAM campaign!