New VBAM: Jovian Chronicles Errata posted

Recent discussions have brought some errors in the ship lists to light, and the Errata and Clarifications document has been updated accordingly. You can find it here.

Specifically, the Venusian Imperator should have a Basing Capacity of 2, the Huang-ti should not have the Gunship trait and the Tsar should. Further, there was some discussion about the JAF Thunderbolt w/Railgun not having the Gunship trait. However, the variant, while it adds railguns, does not add a spinal mount railgun, which is what is normally required to gain the Gunship trait. For those wishing to model the intended improved performance in the fire support role of this variant, I recommend you class it as a Cruiser for purposes of determining Bombardment points, while classing the base hull and any other variants as a Light Cruiser for that purpose.