MAS-WWII:MTO Playtest Update

MAS-WWII:MTO is now entering its second phase of playtesting. The first round was very positive and proved that we’re on the right track.

Some of the things adjusted for the second round include:

-Bomber Defensive Fire

-Increased Initial XP allocations

-Improved bids for the first Campaign missions (they were a tad too low)

-Several new aircraft

-The removal of all American aircraft. In an attempt to keep the total number of aircraft manageable, I have made the decision to remove the US until the Pacific expansion (which will also add the Japanese, naturally). This does mean that some export aircraft, like the Hawk in use by the French, as well as various lend-lease aircraft will not be available initially. The intent is that when the entire MAS-WWII line is complete (currently looking at three total products) players will be able to utilize all aircraft in all theaters as desired. Want to take a Japanese MAS to the MTO? You’ll be able to!

…eventually. 😉

The master aircraft list is creeping ever closer to 200 aircraft. Partly to keep the chunks manageable, the MAS:WWII Expansion is being broken out into three products. The Mediterranean Theater is the focus of the initial product, and will include the French, Commonwealth, Germans and Italians. It has not yet been decided which will be next, but one of the other products will be the aforementioned Pacific Theater, adding the US and Japan (as well as some Australian aircraft for the Commonwealth), while the other will focus on the European Theater and the Eastern Front, adding the Russians, the rest of the Germans, as well as some minor country aircraft from the Netherlands and Poland.

Stay tuned!