VBAM: Fire As She Bears! Edition

Fire As She Bears! EditionWelcome to the latest chapter in the VBAM Series: the Victory by Any Means: Fire As She Bears! Edition.  In these source
materials we explore the exciting world of naval combat at the height of the Age of Sail.  It is a time when England’s “Wooden Walls” kept her commerce alive and the armies of Napoleon at bay. A time when tall, proud warships prowled
the vast waterways of the world, and such ships as the U.S.S. Constitution were to earn their place as legend.

For those of you who are new to either Victory by Any Means or Starboard Tack Press products, welcome! This game is modeled after the popular Victory by Any Means: Campaign Guide, and has been carefully developed and tested to fit the unique feel of the Age of Sail. By using the Origins Award (2005 Vanguard) winning Fire As She Bears! game as our
tactical system, we can finally give gamers a fluid product that lets you worry about important decisions and planning of the Admiralty. For this latest source, the VBAM team has worked with Phil C. Fry, the author of the popular Napoleonic tactical naval game Fire As She Bears! to bring you a supplement which enables you to fight the war at sea as the
Admiralty of a nation, subject to the whims of the crown and to generate gritty battles where sailing skills and cunning decide the fate of the battle.

This is a stand alone book that requires no other VBAM Games products to play, although Starboard Tack Press’ Fire As She Bears! Second Edition is highly recommended for a complete Age of Sail experience.

5 thoughts on “VBAM: Fire As She Bears! Edition”

  1. I keep reading good things about your VBAM game system, and I see you’ve partnered with several other games to provide tactical play.

    Is there any chance you could form a partnership with mj12games for Grand Fleets to create a WWI naval campaign game — or with Mongoose Publishing & Victory at Sea to create a WWII naval campaign? Those would be an excellent addition to your lineup!!

  2. It is definetly something we would consider. There are a number of dreadnought fans in just the development team so the interest is there.

    Thank you,

  3. I started some embryonic development on a Grand Fleets tie-in early last year, but it never reached a fully-developed state. I think it would be a fun project to work on, however.

    I heard rumblings on the MJ12 forums that Grand Fleets might be heading towards a Second Edition next year, so an official conversion project would probably have to wait until then to look into.. However, as for the campaign components, those could be done separately and then just allow whatever tactical system to be used as desired, since everything would be based on the same historic underpinnings, and in theory the ships and fighters should all be comparably balanced between game systems.


  4. Hi,
    I’m VERY new to your product offerings (just read about them this morning in fact) and have no experience with any of them at all but I’m very interested in them.

    Have you heard from others or had any experience with using VBAM FASB with other tactical resolution systems such as Langton’s Signal Close Action or Warhammer’s Trafalgar Rules?

    On a scale of 1 to 5 how dependent or integrated with Starboard Tack Press’ Fire As She Bears rules would you say these are (5 being ‘FASB isn’t required at all’ to 1 being ‘gotta have FASB to understand and use VBAM’s product’)?

    best regards

    • Good morning Leif,

      Yes, this system has been used with a number of other tactical AoS systems. In hindsight it probably would have been best to have left it
      VBAM: The Age of Sail since so much of any AoS is universal, like crew quality, wind direction, and the like. I would say 2 is accurate. It was created with FASB in mind, but much about the AoS is universal.

      Thank you,

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