Companion, Starmada Edition Released

VBAM Games has been busy lately!

Last week, Majestic 12 (MJ12) Games released the VBAM-produced Victory by Any Means: Starmada Edition, tying together the VBAM Campaign System and MJ12’s own Starmada X tactical game system. Players that are looking for a quick and easy connection system between VBAM and a tactical system should look into picking up a copy of this book!

MJ12 is handling distribution, so check RPGNow, Lulu, and other places where MJ12 products are sold for your copy of the Starmada Edition!

The Campaign Moderator’s Companion has also be released. It is a 205-page book chock full of advanced optional rules for use with the VBAM campaign system. It contains a little bit of everything for players, from advanced system generation (three related systems), NPEs, Underworld Empires, accelerated research, and more!

The Companion PDF is fully bookmarked, and your purchase also comes with a printer-friendly version of the book in Microsoft Word format. As a special bonus, buyers also receive some deleted content that we couldn’t fit into the final print version of the book, so it is included as a separate PDF within the package.

Normally the Companion will retail for $15 USD in PDF form (and $32.95 in print, due to its size), but for one week we are running a sale at all of our outlets so that you can buy the book at a special introductory price of only $12 USD!

As mentioned previously, a POD RPGNow/Lulu release will appear in the future, once any final spelling and editing errors are found. I may be crazy, but IIRC RPGNow applies a credit of the
PDF purchase price towards the later purchase of a POD version of the same book, so you should be spared having to pay full purchase price later on.

Now, where can you buy a copy of the Companion?


Digital Bookbooth

Eventually we will also be making the book available through other sources, but for now those are your two outlets.

Astute fans will notice that the book is also available already via POD — so it is already available in print, but I did that just to make sure it *would* print and so I could order myself a copy. Sure, I could have kept it private so no one else could see/buy it… but what is the fun in that? So if someone is really desperate for a print copy now, it is over there, too.

The Companion Sale will run out next Friday, so buy it while it is binary!