Victory Track #3

The latest edition of Victory Track is now available. Issue #3 highlights the upcoming expansion to the Mercenary Air Squadron system MAS-WWII:MTO with a campaign diary following the exploits of an Italian MAS through two campaigns. Victory Track #3

Mercenary Air Squadron Errata Update

In an effort to support the fan base for Mercenary Air Squadron and all of the associated expansions we at VBAM Games, Inc. periodically releases this guide to answer questions and clean up any errors with the material. This is now available here: MAS Errata

Victory Track #1 Released!

Issue #1: A MAS Mission Replay In the first release of Victory Track Charlie Lewis and Jay Waschak take you through a mission in the game Mercenary Air Squadron through the eyes of the Peace Through Superior Firepower Squadron. Victory Track #1


This product, currently in development, will take the action of Mercenary Air Squadron and take it back to days of the Last Crusade – World War Two. “But there weren’t mercenaries squadrons in World War Two,” you say. “Aha!” I respond.   Many pilots were recruited as mercenaries by the various air forces involved in the … Read more

Mercenary Air Squadron

As the year 2015 came to a close it was clear the world was in a new trend. Instead of fighting wars with their own conventional forces, nations found it easier to pass the burden of conflict along to private contractors. They could be expensive, but a mercenary force was less politically liable than a … Read more